YMCA Video Workshop, August 2022

Our last summer camp of 2022 was the YMCA Video Workshop; we went out with a bang! We taught local underprivileged youth how to film fun and creative videos on the iPad. We started off with a short presentation on filmmaking fundamentals including shot types, panning and tilting, and how to hold the Ipad correctly to create good looking content. 

We split the youth into groups and let them decide what kind of videos they wanted to make. There were plenty of options to choose from! We brought Legos to create timelapses and costumes and props for all kinds of make believe videos. Additionally, we encouraged the youth to incorporate the different shot types that they had just learned about as they were deciding what to film. 

In post production, we had participants edit their videos in the iMovie app so that they could insert more personal touches through filters and special effects. They were excited to have such a wide variety of possibilities.  Finally, we showcased all the videos during a group screening. It was inspiring to see what all of the kids came up with! The final films ranged from a sweet portrayal of a youth skating on his hoverboard to an elaborate Lego house timelapse. 

The goal of the workshop was to help kids unlock their creative potential through expanded access to technology. It was a joy to work with these talented youth–we’re always grateful to see what their creative minds come up with. We are very thankful for the YMCA’s support as well.

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