Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers can contribute in many ways - marching in a parade, helping crew on a show, clerical help, editing footage or photos, and much more!

What's it Like to Volunteer at MetroEast?

Mira a nuestra amiga, Lorena Connelly y su experiencia con MetroEast Community Media.

Sharpen Media Skills and Be Apart of a Vibrant Community!

Are you looking for an opportunity to give back, sharpen your media skills or be part of a vibrant community of media makers? We have many volunteer opportunities to get you there. From the novice holding a camera for the first time to retired network producers, MetroEast invites you to discover and delve into the excitement and challenges of community media.

Structured Memberships

We also offer a structured membership for folks who are interested in a similar experience to an internship but are not receiving educational credit.


This is an opportunity to work with staff on a deeper level and gain hands on digital media production experience. 

Fore more email info@metroeast.org