Hire Us As Your Video Production Company

Our award-winning team provides original, professional video and web content that engages audiences and builds awareness. We have a strong stake in the Pacific Northwest community, with a mission to do good work. We specialize in helping organizations with a cause communicate their message and offer a conscientious approach to video production.




Let’s Collaborate

Partner with us to turn your ideas into a compelling video that makes an emotional impact. Our personal approach means we get to know you and then go the extra mile to create a custom video package that is polished yet cost-effective.

Here’s what to expect when working with us:

Step 1: define, craft, imagine. We help you frame your project goals, brainstorm ideas for executing them and write a script.

Step 2: design, capture, shape. Next, we pull out lights and cameras to record interviews, capture event footage and present your organization in action.

Step 3: distill, refine, share. Here’s where we put it all together, adding graphics and arranging footage to tell an engaging story. When it’s all done, we’ll help you get it out into the world for maximum impact and reach.

Our Difference

Mainstream video production can be expensive. As a full-service studio and field production team with years of experience, we are able to do the bulk of the work ourselves in house. We have all of our own equipment and a state of the art studio — which puts us in a great position to offer reasonable rates to nonprofit organizations, government agencies and small businesses.

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Full-time, award-winning staff of directors, producers, cinematographers, writers and editors
  • Efficient, well-organized team
  • Up-to-date, studio-owned and maintained equipment
  • Complete mobile video production unit
  • Large studio space with flexibility for a range of setups
  • Fun and friendly people who are easy to work with

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John Lugton 


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