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The Right of Way

CLIENT: Office of Community Technology
PROJECT: The right of way is one of Portland’s most important assets.  Companies make billions off it and it brings in about 86 million each year for the city.  But few people understand its importance to the public, and why we need to protect this resource, especially as the digital divide grows. That’s why the Office For Community Technology hired MetroEast to create an informational piece for the general public as well as our local officials who are in a position to advocate for preservation of the right of way. APPROACH: We decided a somewhat whimsical approach would bring life to a complex and policy focused topic..  Two narrators play off of each other in this animated piece, almost as if they are in conversation, the visuals are comprised primarily of motion graphics, photos, video and traditional animation to explain weighty subjects. RESULTS: The piece was well received by the client and has been educating people in government about why the right of way is important to the city, as well as the community.