Our Organization

For over 35 years, we have served east Multnomah County, offering media training and production to members of our community.

Enriching Lives Through Technology

Media Education

We are committed to digital inclusion, ensuring that access to technology, training, and tools are available to everyone, and we educate the public on how to enrich their lives through technology, as well as the many ways media impacts their lives every day.

Creative Collaboration 

Our award-winning Production Team creates original professional video and web content that engages audiences and builds awareness. We specialize in helping organizations with a cause communicate their message.


The content created at MetroEast reaches into over 350,000 homes in the greater Portland area via six cable channels! Whether you want to sponsor Community Hotline or need a help with a virtual fundraising event we've got you covered!

Mission Statement 

MetroEast uses media to invigorate civic engagement, inspire diverse voices, and strengthen community life. MetroEast Community Media is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community media center based in Gresham, Oregon.


Equity Statement

MetroEast is committed to addressing the inequity caused by systemic oppression, regardless of a person's race, ethnicity, faith, culture, language, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, veteran or family status. We understand that many communities, especially Black, indigenous, and communities of color are significantly under-represented in east Multnomah County and face barriers. We are committed to responding to the need for media and digital literacy in east Multnomah County by dedicating time and resources at every level of our organization to identify solutions to barriers.

Our Core Values

We believe that electronic media can and should be used to encourage artistic creation and free expression of a broad range of ideas and opinions. Ideas and opinions that represent all of the communities we serve. We are dedicated to supporting and promoting the free exchange of ideas to ensure a healthy and thriving democracy that is nondiscriminatory and equitable to all.

Equity In Action at MetroEast