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Meet Chantry and Cory

CLIENT: Tucker Maxon School
PROJECT: For over 70 years Tucker Maxon School has been vital to the deaf and hard of hearing community in Portland, Oregon. For their annual fundraising event, Tucker approached us to showcase an inspiring story about two brothers who moved from Alabama to attend Tucker Maxon. The documentary we created follows how much each brother has grown with the help of the compassionate team at Tucker Maxon and their cochlear implants. APPROACH: To highlight the various learning methods and programs Tucker uses to help their students, we spent a day in the life with Chantry & Cory using a low-impact crew. We chose to include a number of immersive verité scenes to give an insider's view into the life of this community.  Subtitles were included to help share this inspiring documentary with the rest of the deaf and hard of hearing community. RESULTS: Our short documentary ultimately went on to win a Hometown Media award and got nominated for an Emmy while helping Tucker Maxon achieve their fundraising goals. For more information go to or