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Voting 101

CLIENT: Multnomah Bar Foundation

PROJECT: Voting is one of the most powerful things you can do, but first, you’ve got to register to vote!  We were hired by the Multnomah Bar Foundation to use video to demystify the process of voting in Oregon, to encourage the general population to engage in this important part of the democratic process. We wanted to show people that this is an important civic duty, and that their voice and their vote count. APPROACH: To inform people about voting, we used a combination of informational graphics, host, and “people on the street” to tell viewers what they need to do to get registered and be an informed voter in Oregon.   Because this was a fact driven video, we found that motion graphics were a fun and interesting way to keep audience interest.  We also used actors to play “people on the street” as a way to show the audience people just like them, taking part and imparting important information, to help humanize the facts about the voting process. RESULTS: Voting 101 was broadcast to 400,000 homes through our cable channels and was distributed online. Our client was thrilled with the way we made complex processes accessible to citizens, to further the mission of voter education and engagement. For more information go to: