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This Is Afterschool

PROJECT: Kowabunga! Oregonian kids learn how to surf at this exciting summer camp. This video is part of a series for OregonASK, each video showcases different facets of afterschool programs and demonstrates the positive impacts for families and communities. Neighbors for Kids, featured in this video, is a unique after school organization that provides services in a tiny rural community in Depoe Bay, Oregon. APPROACH: Our team decided to highlight the organization’s popular Surfcamp, which epitomizes Neighbors for Kids’ hyper local and community driven mission.  For this production, we took the full team on location to Depoe Bay. We shot with 2 GoPros, a DJI drone and a land based camera, so we could capture the magic from the air, the water, and the beach. This shoot was the highlight of our summer. It was invigorating to push our boundaries by using new gear and techniques, and it was also rewarding to capture the activities which grew the kids’ confidence while instilling water safety and teaching science education. RESULTS: The piece highlighted the importance of afterschool programs & how they help build safer, stronger, and smarter communities. By focusing on SurfCamp, we provided much needed coverage of the program, which had not received adequate documentation. It was a pleasure to see the kids become excited & invigorated and the impact of this program first hand. For more information go to