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The Whole World

CLIENT: Rosewood Initiative
PROJECT: We are thrilled to present the official music video and single release of “The Whole Wide World” by the Ghosts of Our Revolutionary Ancestors (GORA). This video was an incredible collaboration with The Rosewood Initiative, GORA and mural artist Antwoine Thomas. With lyrics and vocals by local artist and activist Mic Crenshaw, Redray Frazier, and Libretto we are taken on a journey through America’s racist past and present. We hope this project will continue to inspire the fight towards equality for BIPOC communities and systemic change. APPROACH: Once GORA wrote and recorded the The Whole World track, Antwoine Thomas began sketching out ideas for a mural based on his reaction to the song. At this point, we were then commissioned by the Rosewood Initiative to create a music video of this beautiful collaboration. With a limited budget, we approached this project knowing we had to be strategic to make it look as fresh as possible. We didn’t have an extensive lighting and grip setup to shoot outdoors in the sun, so after a thorough location scout we decided on shooting part of the video under a bridge. This allowed us to take advantage of the natural light while keeping the exposure consistent using the large patch of shade created by the bridge. It also had the right vibe! During the edit, we chose to incorporate the making of the mural, GORA performing their song, and archival footage of protests from the past 70 years to drive home the fact that we’ve been fighting for equality decade after decade and we’re still stuck in history. RESULTS: This video was awarded an Emmy nomination! It has given GORA a platform to raise their voices via our television channels and online distribution platforms.