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Performance of Kaohsiung

CLIENT: ShuTé High School

PROJECT: Every year at the David Douglas Performing Arts Center, host families are treated to a stunning performance by the Taiwanese exchange students from Shu-Te High School.  The Portland Kaohsiung Sister City Association approached our team to provide multi camera video coverage of this invitation only event, to help bring this cultural experience to the community who were not able to attend.

APPROACH: Every year, our team looks forward to the challenge of bringing the nuanced performances to the screen through dynamic camera work that reflects the mood and scope of the pieces. We showcase large scale dance numbers to soulful songs played on traditional Chinese instruments. The professional level of the traditional dance and music, as well as the fact that the students craft the majority of the costumes and sets, makes for an amazingly beautiful multi-cultural event that promotes friendship and understanding across language and culture barriers. RESULTS: We’ve always known that our audience appreciates the opportunity to absorb Taiwanese culture and it was a pleasant surprise to learn that our work is reaching hundreds of viewers in Taiwan via YouTube. Ultimately, this project led us to create an award winning documentary that brought awareness to the intercultural exchange performances. This production truly makes us feel like part of a global community. For more information go to