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Landlord Tenant Trials

CLIENT: Oregon Judicial Department
PROJECT: Order in the court! The Oregon Judicial Department oversees the state courts to ensure that all Oregonians receive fair and equitable access to justice. We were awarded the contract to create a series of videos that cover a range of everyday occurrences that could guide anyone while having their day in court. Our client asked us to create a visual FAQ in efforts to streamline day-to-day services at the courthouse. APPROACH: We reworked our clients scripts & combined them with a series of images and animations. The majority of our footage was shot in the studio with our host translating the verbiage to spanish, in efforts to reach underserved members of our community. We also shot at the East County Courthouse for 2 full days to gather mock trials & courtroom scenes. In addition to our standard production tools we included the slider dolly for smooth tracking shots and a small pocket jib to give an extra dimension to the space. We were fortunate to have a controlled lighting situation which we enhanced by accenting the features of the judges bench and overall courtroom. RESULTS: Ultimately, the videos will be used at kiosks throughout the Multnomah County Courthouse and will remove some of the guess-work many people struggle with when they are navigating the courts. The videos provide a quick snapshot of the process in which our judicial system functions at a local level. We hope to make your experience at the courthouse feel a little less daunting. For more information go to