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Jim’s Story

CLIENT: Quest Center for Integrative Health


The Quest Center for Integrative Health was founded for and by LGBTQIA2S+ folks during the aids epidemic when they were were severely underserved. Today Quest serves all kinds of folks! Quest came to us to produce a story about their WISH (Wellness, Integrity and Sustainable Health) Pain Management Program, an integrated medical and behavioral health program designed to treat chronic pain through the use of non-opioid interventions. The story we produced highlights Jim, a standup comedian, actor and director whose knee and back pain became so unbearable that he never thought he’d be on the stage again. This video doubles as a promotional video for Quest’s website and as a fundraising video for their annual gala. 


During our pre-interview with Jim we discovered that he was an actor, director and standup comedian. We decided it would be interesting to sculpt his story around his passion for standup comedy because in many ways, the jokes he makes are directly related to his feelings of worthlessness, a very important theme in his journey with Quest. We then came up with the creative treatment for how we would show his personal growth knowing we were limited because of covid. We decided to film him on a long walk uphill because though this action is quite simple, it is also powerful. It works to literally show viewers how his physical pain has improved, but also serves as a metaphor for reaching new heights in his journey towards self love and acceptance. 


Our client was thrilled with how this video turned out! It has served them to recruit more clients for their WISH program. For more information, go to