Media Center

Facility Virtual Tour

CLIENT: MetroEast Community Media
PROJECT: When we remodeled our building we just had to make this video to show off our new digs. Join us for a virtual tour of our facility & witness some magic that goes on behind the cameras! APPROACH: This was one of our favorite productions because every staff member and tons of community producers were involved. We channeled our inner Richard Linklater to create this fun, one-shot virtual tour video. Instead of focusing solely on the space, we wanted to show how folks can use our new amenities like our new SMART board, screening room, editing suites and studio.  Choreographing 20+ folks was challenging but a blast. We also got to use our new steadicam. Our steadicam operator was worn out after take 8, but we got the shot! RESULTS: MetroEast is your local video production company located in the heart of Gresham, Oregon. We’re also a TV station! Even during 2020 when we were shut down to the public, we were able to broadcast 668 hours of original programming! Want an affordable studio for your indie film or music video? Need to use an editing bay equipped with Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, and Logic? Our state-of-the-art studios and video equipment are available to the community.