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Connecting Art and Community

CLIENT: Converge 45

PROJECT: Art is the creative expression of one's ideas and imaginations — it occupies every corner of the world. ... Yet, the importance of the arts is constantly being questioned, disregarded and taken for granted in many ways.” Converge 45 launched in 2015 to enrich the region’s art community and connect it to the contemporary art world. They asked MetroEast to create a video for their yearly fundraiser, demonstrating how they catalyze the visual arts community and connect our region with national and international artists, curators, and collectors.

APPROACH: The challenge in conveying the work of C45 is that their projects are far ranging in scope and style, and on a 3 year cycle.  We were showing various stages of many projects “in-process” as well as the unique way that this non-profit fits into the arts scene of the region. Primarily an editing project, we were given assets in the form of video clips, photos, and their mission statement.  From this we crafted a script to demonstrate the importance of their work to the region, and utilized their assets and verbiage to create a compelling piece. RESULTS: The video was well received at their fundraiser, and Converge45 has been a return client to hire us for 2 more fundraiser videos following this model. For more information go to