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A Socially Distanced Return to School

CLIENT: Reynolds, Centennial & Gresham Barlow School District

PROJECT: This project was a partnership between three east county school districts as they navigated the return to school for the student population during the pandemic. This project further cemented our commitment to East County schools as four videos were developed to explain what returning to school would look like in this new normal. The videos are aimed at the Elementary level (English and Spanish) and the Middle and High School level (English and Spanish). APPROACH: On receiving the script from the districts we then went to work on how best to depict all of the scenarios that would be presented to students on a daily basis. Production would be taking place at a variety of locations and health and safety was also a key concern for the production team, students and staff involved. Key to the success was knowing exactly how each scene would look and this enabled us to have a clear road map on each of the production days and helped to minimize over shooting but most of all maintain everyone’s safety during the pandemic. RESULTS: The video was rolled out to three East County districts that serve the most diverse population in the state with over 25,000 students and their families served.