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CLIENT: NorthWest Region - Alliance for Community Media

PROJECT: Our friends at the Alliance for Community media, a conglomerate of all the public, educational and government access cable TV organizations (like ours!) across the country, asked us to make a promo video for the 2018 Best of NW awards show. This edit was rebranded so we could use it to promote MetroEast specifically but really, the messaging applies to all community media everywhere! APPROACH: First off, what a fun production! We knew immediately we wanted this video to be full of life so the message of the importance of community media leaves an impression. We came up with the idea to do a one-take video using our stellar, multilingual staff as the talent! (Well everyone except for the Vietnamese speaker who was our intern’s mom..!). Once we had planned the choreography of where each “actor” would enter and exit the frame, we did a few rehearsals so our camera operator could practice making smooth turns using a gimbal. After multiple takes we got the take!

RESULTS: Our video was shown at the Best of Northwest Awards show and was used to promote the events throughout the PNW. It also served as inspiration for our Facility Virtual Tour video, which you can find under the Branded Content category on our portfolio.