Teleconferencing for Government, Educators and Nonprofits

Posted by Metro East on Monday, April 6, 2020

With the COVID 19 pandemic, it is essential that we use video conferencing software to stay in touch, share information and coordinate as teams. This software has become the norm for telecommuters and can save us all travel time and fossil fuels. It also makes connecting with potential partners around the world possible.

This class will educate participants on teleconferencing software including Zoom, Google Meetings and Google Hangouts. They’ll be able to decide which software works best for them given their organizational resources and needs. Participants will learn how to dial in their video and audio to ensure they can be seen and heard clearly. They’ll understand how to adjust audio and video settings, send invitations to meetings, call people in via phone, adjust screen layouts, wrangle multiple participants, screen share and screen record.


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