Submitting A Series

The following rules apply for series programs airing on MetroEast channels. If you have questions please contact Loren Coulter, Playback, at 503-667-8848, ext. 332 or email

Series Details:

  • Each series season spans 13 weeks. There are 4 series seasons per year.
  • There is an opportunity to apply for a series four times a year. Series applications are not accepted outside of this application window. To find out when you may apply for a series contact Aaron Edwards, Playback, at 503-667-8848, ext. 332 or email
  • Series forms are available primarily online. If you require a paper form, please contact playback.
  • A series program submitter may offer a series that is monthly (3 episodes), bi-weekly (6 episodes), or weekly (13 episodes).
  • Program lengths must be a minimum of 28 minutes long to receive a series schedule.
  • If a series producer misses 3 episodes in a row the series will be canceled. Series producers should let Programming Department staff know three days in advance when they won’t be able to submit a new episode.
  • Series reservations will not be scheduled for any program submitter who does not have the appropriate prerequisites in place prior to series application. Prerequisites are as follows:

1) If you are sponsoring a series, or producing a series with your own equipment you must live within CAN service area and have taken our free orientation workshop
2) If you are using MetroEast equipment to produce a program you must have taken the appropriate workshops for equipment and paid your activity fee.