Producing from Home (Free Online Workshop)

Posted by Metro East on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Workshop Overview

Are you itching to keep producing, but stay at home orders are hindering you? Or maybe you wanted to try out teleconferencing during your productions. Now is the time! Netflix bingeing and organizing the garage can wait. This workshop will teach you how to use tools you already have–your computer, cellphone or tablet–to keep creating and getting your message out.

In this Online Workshop, we’ll teach you how to use teleconferencing software (Google Hangouts, Zoom) to interview guests and create virtual teaching experiences. We’ll show you how to use your phone or tablet to shoot and create films. You’ll learn how to keep up your aesthetics and the basic equipment and software required to get your production back up and running. Finally, you’ll learn how to share your final product via YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.


Tuesday, April 7th from 10am – 12 pm



Where to View

We will host the online workshop via Google Meetings. When you have registered for the class, we will send you a link to the meeting in your registration email. Please make sure your computer, tablet or phone meets Google Meeting requirements. Here is a video on how to use Google Meetings.

What to Bring:

How to Change the Resolution on Your Phone

How to change to resolution on your Android: HERE

How to change the resolution on your iOS device: HERE


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