Mike Shur

MetroEast_Mike Shur

A native of Siberia, Mike was born in Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city. Mike spent his youth, teens and 20’s in the East Coast and around New York City which felt way too big and uncomfortably concrete. With the desire to lead a lifestyle that was more balanced and integrated with nature, Mike relocated to Portland for the area’s green lushness, majestic mountains, roaming rivers and beautiful beaches … and to be learned later its amazing coffee. During his free time, Mike likes to be outdoors, walking, running, swimming, hiking and just simply enjoying nature wildlife and flora. With a fondness for quietude, Mike can be found curled up on the couch reading (by a warm fireplace especially during colder days) with his two loving and talkative cats, both comfortably perched on his chest and lap, purring affectionately. Mike has a deep affinity for hummingbirds and can spot them almost instantly by their specific high-pitched calls.

A seasoned financial analyst with expertise in financial operations management, Mike is the Director of Finance at MetroEast where he serves as a member of our Leadership Team with an emphasis on strategy and advisory. Mike joined MetroEast in January 2017 to lead the organization’s accounting and finance functions with an emphasis on business office automation, revenue diversification and growth support. Prior to joining MetroEast, Mike worked as an independent financial consultant for startups and growth ventures. Before that, Mike worked in corporate finance with a focus on financial planning & analysis and investment banking. Mike’s work experience includes raising capital for businesses and helping them to plan & execute strategic initiatives. Mike is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology which is located in Western New York State.

Mike is excited about the meaningful work MetroEast is doing around innovative education for underrepresented communities.