MetroEast’s Rockwood Site is Awarded a Total of $80,000

Posted by Metro East on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Funding Personnel and Securing Summer Camps at Rockwood DIY

Metro East_Funding Personnel and Securing Summer Camps at Rockwood DIY

MetroEast Community Media, a leading nonprofit organization in the field of media production and digital literacy, received a $55,000 grant on April 11, 2018 from The Collins Foundation. This grant will fund personnel for ongoing community programs and workshops at MetroEast’s pop-up location, Rockwood DIY (Digital Inclusion and Youth).

The Collins Foundation invests in Oregon nonprofit organizations, both rural and urban, that are dedicated to improving quality of life and well-being for the people in their communities. As a funder and partner, they are committed to the pursuit of equity, both in how they allocate resources across Oregon’s diverse communities and how they shape their internal structures.

MetroEast also received a $25,000 donation for the second year in a row from V&B Philanthropy during the one-year celebration of Rockwood DIY last month. This donation will fund upcoming summer camps for local youth and young adults.

Other local funders that have awarded grants to MetroEast’s Rockwood DIY include: the City of Gresham Arts and Culture, Ninety-nine Girlfriends, U.S. Bank Community Foundation, and the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission.

The primary focus of MetroEast’s work in Rockwood is digital equity and inclusion for all East Multnomah County residents. MetroEast provides  access to broadband connectivity, computers, and training in the heart of one of the most diverse communities in Oregon.

Thanks to the generous grants and donations MetroEast has received, they will be offering several interactive camps for youth and young adults at Rockwood DIY this summer. The camps include: Video Games Camp, which unlocks the magic of coding through video games and programming skills that will catapult youth into 21st century jobs; Podcasting Camp, where local youth learn how to produce and record podcasts, interview successful professionals and learn about how they earned their careers; Music Video Camp, where young adults work with music professionals to write and compose songs and create music videos; and Make, Think, Media Camp will integrate media storytelling, video games and tech to explore the powerful role that creativity and technology play in the search for imaginative and impactful storytelling.
MetroEast CEO Marty Jones stated, “These generous grants will be transformative for MetroEast and our neighbors as we focus on our mission to empower communities to express their culture, and knowledge to impact understanding and economic growth in Rockwood.”

MetroEast is working closely with the City of Gresham and its priority urban renewal project, Rockwood Rising, to open a permanent digital inclusion and youth (DIY) facility. The development’s mission is to bring our neighborhood revitalization without displacement and empowering residents to build prosperity for themselves and their families.

MetroEast is a community media hub based in Gresham, Oregon. We educate the public on how to leverage media & technology to create meaningful content relevant to our times. Our Rockwood DIY incubator serves under-represented populations by sharing access to the digital technology that is required to succeed in our rapidly evolving, high-tech world. MetroEast gives the community the tools to TAKE CONTROL OF THE MEDIA.


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