MetroEast Mission and Values

MetroEast uses media to invigorate civic engagement, inspire diverse voices and strengthen community life.

The following are MetroEast’s core values guide.

Accessibility and Inclusion

We are dedicated to education and personal growth for all people. We seek to make electronic media, and the training to use it, accessible to all. We seek a volunteer corps diverse in talents, skills, ideas and interests, and we value the gifts and contributions each individual brings.

Civic Engagement

We believe passionately in the unrealized potential of technology to build community by engaging people and organizations, including the underrepresented. We support active participation in the democratic process by providing people with access to communications technology and opportunities to engage in civic dialogue.

Community Collaboration and Sharing

We are committed to collaborating with local governments, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and individuals to bring our collective resources together to achieve community aspirations. We believe in the right to a public electronic green space and are committed to preserving, nurturing and expanding that space.

Diversity of Voices and Information

We value and respect the contributions of people across the spectrums of personality, culture and politics. We support the economic and social development of our community by providing media resources to all people, including actively cultivating the participation of underrepresented groups.

Democracy and Intellectual Freedom

We believe that electronic media can and should be used to encourage artistic creation and the free expression of a broad range of ideas and opinions. Technology is a tool, not an end in itself. We are dedicated to supporting and promoting the free exchange of diverse ideas to ensure a healthy and prosperous democracy.