MetroEast COVID 19 Update: Classes with Equipment Checkout

Posted by Seth Ring on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

MetroEast COVID 19 Update: Classes with Equipment Checkout

MetroEast has decided to remain in Phase I of our reopening plan until further notice. The health and safety of our members and staff are our first priority as COVID 19 numbers continue to rise. We know many of you are eager to get back into the studio and check out gear.

In order to keep our current and new members learning and producing, we will be adding Online Classes with Equipment checkout. Currently, we are offering our Field Camera Update class for existing members trained on the AC 160 camera. We are also teaching our Basic Editing: Final Cut Pro X workshop. You can see our list of classes hereIn order to participate in our Online Classes with Equipment checkout you will need to:

Should you have any additional questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us at Please stay tuned for further updates. We appreciate your continued support and we wish you all good health.

Phase 1: Gear Checkouts Outside Building (July 9-TBD, Thursdays and Sundays, 4-8pm)

Starting July 9, we are opening only to MetroEast members to help them continue their work. Pending no surges in COVID 19, this phase will last until August 5th, where we will open up more of our facility and services. In order to stay safe, we will be limiting our services to checkouts and check-ins only. You’ll need to arrange a specific gear pickup/drop off time with the Equipment Room staff and only be handing off gear outside the building. We’ll be open for 2 days, Thursday and Sunday, 4 pm – 8 pm for pick up and drop off. If you are picking up equipment for a class, we’ll be open for 2 days, Thursday and Sunday, 12 pm – 4 pm.  To schedule appointments please email or call the equipment room:, (971) 277-6723  

Phase 2: Edit Suite Access (Date TBD)

We will most likely still be checking out gear outside the building in this phase. We will be opening limited use of editing suites. You’ll be required to use a mask and have your temperature taken before using the facility. We will most likely have you digitally sign a form that you agree to abide by our COVID 19 safety protocols. In order to decrease possible exposure, the kitchen will be off-limits and we’ll ask that you stay in the edit suite for the majority of the time you are here. We are working on a remote screen viewing solution so equipment room staff can assist you remotely in the edit suite if you have questions. During this phase, we will also be having in-person classes with no more than 4 people per class, in Studio A. Classes include Field Camera: HC-X1, Basic Editing: Final Cut and Basic Studio: Camera.

Phase 3: Studio A Access (Date TBD)

We will add access to Studio A in this phase, you’ll be limited to 2 people in the control room, 2 people on camera and 2 people as guests/talent.

Phase 4: Increased Open Hours and Building Capacity for Members (Date TBD)

We will be increasing our open hours and the number of people allowed in the building, most likely opening Studio B.

Please stay tuned to your email and social media as we’ll be sending out more detailed info.  We still have options for submitting programming, you can email Loren ( with anything you’d like to submit. Also, if you would like to continue producing we are hosting Producing from home workshops so you can use your phone or Zoom to produce. Even after we open, if you are worried about coming in, we’d like to still encourage you to go the Zoom/smartphone route for recording your show.

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