2021 Summer Schedule

Thank you to our partners, parents, and students for a fantastic Summer season!

After a year of fully virtual programming it was wonderful to meet up in person again and do some filmmaking together! Go to MetroEast Classes for more details on regularly offered workshops!

Black Education Achievement Movement

MetroEast is supporting placed-based education and storytelling for youth in and around Portland area by providing equipment, training and support to community leaders LaQuida Lanford (founder of AfroVillagePDX) and Black Education Achievement Movement mentors (BEAM). Students will go on field-trips featuring sites of historical importance (Giles Lake, Moda Center, Vanport) while having conversations about how events in the past still impact them now and the future.

Dates and Times: May 28-June 25 (not open for public registration)

Global Works Community Fund

MetroEast is working with Global Works Community Fund (GWCF) to provide camera training for trip participants. GWCF works with BIPOC and underserved high school youth to provide life changing experiences they need to believe in themselves and in the impact they can have on their communities. They will be using their cameras and media skills to document their community service learning in Costa Rica.

Dates and Times: June 16 (not open for public registration)

Reynolds Middle School Video Camp: Sense of Place

MetroEast is hosting a three week long camp with Reynold’s High School! Students will use iPads and other mobile devices to create a Sense of Place video. Students will use iPads to learn basic video production, lighting, editing and sound capturing techniques.

Dates and Times: June 28-July 16 (not open for public registration)

YouTube and TikTok Camp

In partnership with the Rockwood Library Makerspace, MetroEast is hosting one week, virtual, video and media production camp that feature teen interests and tools available at the Makerspace! Students will look at TikTok and YouTube video production trends, learn a few basic techniques that will really up their production game! Tips on composition, light, audio, editing and storytelling through film. Snacks and technology provided!

Dates and Times: July 19-July 23, 1pm- 3pm Location: Held Virtually over Zoom, participants need to pick up production kit ahead of time at the Rockwood Library

Sign up here: https://multco-us.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwufuiurDgqGtXrGeP__ODFQyU5D169kdlH

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