Welcome to the Equipment Room

We call it the EQ Room – a great place for you to start all of your productions and have many of your questions answered. If you’re actively using the facility you’ll probably get to know the folks in EQ pretty well. We’re here to help you with equipment reservations, cameras, studios, editing, all that good stuff. We’ll also help you get started with your production, help you to make choices about the right gear to take with you and ask you what you’re working on and how the shoot went. If you’re working in the facility, we’ll try to help you problem-solve any technical issues you may be having – we don’t claim to know everything, but we’ve got plenty of first-hand troubleshooting experience!

What Equipment is Available?

  • Light Kits
  • Camera Kits
  • Audio Kits
  • Editing Rooms
  • Studios
  • Audio Booth

Now you’re ready to check out gear – let’s do a check-list:

  • Attended orientation
  • Paid membership
  • Completed the workshop for the gear you’d like to check-out
  • Filled out a Producer Info form
  • Paid your Equipment Fee if needed 

Checkmark next to all of those?  You’re ready to check out gear!

How do I check out gear, you might ask?

For Equipment Room hours please go to our Hours of Operation.

To reserve gear call (971) 277-6723.
Or just come in and set up your reservation in person anytime we’re open!

We do give priority to reservations, so last-minute checkout requests can’t always be fulfilled.