Loren Coulter

MetroEast_Loren Coulter

A lifelong resident of Portland, Loren’s first exposure to video started early. A 5th-grade class project with black and white cameras and a reel-to-reel video recorder sparked an interest that still burns 5 decades later. Loren came to MetroEast (then Multnomah Cable Access) as a volunteer in May of 1987, and joined the staff in September of 1988. Over nearly 30 years, he has worn many hats: Equipment Room Tech, Producer, Playback Operator, and has developed and taught thousands of video production classes. When occasionally not at MetroEast, Loren enjoys music as an out-of-practice trumpet player and moderately skilled drummer, as well as running lights and sound for a local band. He also relaxes by drawing, escaping to the beach, and gorging on Mac and Cheese.