John Lugton

MetroEast_John Lugton

Born and raised by the North Sea in Scotland, the NW is like a home away from home. Growing up I was captivated by the French black and white Adventures of Robinson Crusoe TV show, that seemed to play every summer holiday!!  The opening music, the composition, the pacing, the look and feel were all vital in making the story so real.  I love helping organizations bring their ideas to life through the video production process. And I make sure that our award-winning production staff helps you make a difference.  

I believe that everyone has a story to tell and that there is a story behind everything!! But in the spirit of the true storytellers when out with friends I frequently remind myself “Why ruin a good story by sticking to the facts?” 

Other hobbies and passions both great and small: Football, creating, gardening, solving, cooking, dancing and singing and just plain looking at things from the perspective of beauty.