Jamie Groce

MetroEast_Jamie Groce_Technical Manager

I have always been interested in video production and purchased my first video tape recorder and camera in 1972, while still in high school. It was a used Sony, reel to reel, half inch, black and white recorder and camera. I think the price was $500. (A lot of money back then.) I had it on lay-away at Moore’s Audio Visual and while making payments, I would go there almost daily to play with and learn about this amazing equipment. After about a month of me showing up almost every day, they finally told me, “just go ahead and take it home.” I think they were tired of seeing me.

I have been professionally involved in the video production business since 1984. I owned Delta Video Productions in Portland, OR and Anaheim, CA until 1994 when I started at MCTV, now MetroEast.

My hobby is music and I have played the guitar since age 11. You would think I would be better at it after all these years but I do love playing.