Ivana Horvat

MetroEast_Ivana Horvat_Digital Producer

Ivana Horvat entered this world on a cold and snowy day in the former Yugoslavia after her mother walked through the steep, curvy streets of Sarajevo through two feet of snow to get to the hospital. When she is not producing video, she spends her time going to ethnic grocery stores, running around at the dog park, seeing second-run movies in theaters, VJing at local shows and wishing she had the patience to play board games. A fan of french new wave cinema, cabbage rolls, puppets over CG, introspection, ping pong, mumblecore, and meeting new people, she has a zest for life and a serious case of FOMO. She has a background in documentary film and premiered her first feature length documentary called Finding Bosnia in 2015. She believes creating an emotional connection to new ideas is imperative to creating a better, more empathic society.