Emily Vidal

MetroEast_Emily Vidal

Emily is a filmmaker with a passion for international travel and cultural exchange. Emily has been roaming the studios of MetroEast, usually with camera, microphone, or clipboard in tow, for nigh on 18 years.  A native Oregonian through and through, Emily’s official appropriated motto is “always be prepared” (the unofficial one being “no matter where you go, there you are.”) 

A favorite toolkit regardless of project and location: Gaff tape; scissors, paper & pen, flashlight, earplugs, and a handkerchief (to sop up the occasional drink spills and of course the blood, sweat, and tears.) 

Working alongside awesome colleagues and volunteers to help bring media to life for the greater good of the community has been one of the most rewarding and formative experiences of her short life.  She hopes to continue to do so until the dystopian future comes to overtake our current reality.  Should this come to pass she plans to be there, with an extensive revamp of the above-mentioned toolkit, to cover the apocalypse.