David Elkin-Bram

MetroEast_David Elkin-Bram

As one of the longest-serving members of MetroEast’s team, David has seen a great deal of progress, change, and story-telling in the walls of MetroEast. He serves as the Director of Information Technology and continues to guide the organization towards positive technical fruition.

David began volunteering in Community Media productions in 1992 and dove into every class available. “I needed to get my hands on all the gear,” David recalls fondly. After many hours of donated time, interning in playback in 1993, and accepting two paid internships in ’94 to ’95, he was offered an IT role at MetroEast. From there, he built the radio station KZME under the tutelage of several luminaries in radio broadcasting. David also had his hands in technical direction for live productions and audio engineering.

Most of David’s technical background forged within and through MetroEast and his roles continue to evolve. He is proud coder and scripter, a MacOS and iOS aficionado, and Adobe go-to person. All things technological go through his desk, from networking to data management to AI systems.

When David isn’t staring at a screen or blinking boxes, he dabbles in graphics, compositing, animation, and music-making some “noises.” Culture jamming is also a deeply held passion, de-constructing media and examining it with a critical lens. As a family man, David enjoys watching his kid grow up and figure out the world with his partner Andrea — and you may find him enjoying a snifter of some high-end Añejo tequila, too.