Andrew Keating

MetroEast_Andrew Keating

Andrew grew up in rural Wisconsin and considers himself a proud Midwesterner and a windfall kid of the Pacific Northwest. He landed in Portland with his “double-down” attitude toward trying something new somewhere new – a mantra he continues to follow unapologetically. His professional background is in non-profits in the Portland metro area, hospital systems, higher education, and insurance providers in multiple Information Systems and Technology roles. His bread and butter: user experience (UX) and technical enhancements to the workplace we call home, and asking organizational questions of “what aren’t we doing?” and “how can we do it better tomorrow?” You’ll also find Andrew in the Tilikum Chamber Orchestra playing his violin, stirring up trouble in a gin cocktail, or whiteboarding an idea in his living room.

Andrew is proud to be a member of Team MetroEast since mid-2017 and looks forward to delivering the organization into the next era of technology and storytelling.