FREE Virtual Workshop: Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Posted by Metro East on Friday, May 1, 2020


Want to learn how to use Adobe Premiere but worried it’s too complex? Let us help you! Learn how to use Adobe’s Premiere Pro 2020 to edit your videos. Learn to import, arrange, and cut footage to tell a story. Explore how to optimize audio, add music, and sound effects. Discover how to create effects, transitions, and titles to enhance your videos.


In our workshop, Introduction to Premiere Pro 2020, we’ll be teaching you the basic knowledge necessary to get started editing with Adobe Premiere 2020 on Mac. 

  1. Directory organization – why is this important?
  2. Starting a new project and importing footage
  3. Creating a sequence – setting up autosave
  4. In and Out points, Trims, Cuts, and Extensions
  5. Audio adjustments
  6. The basics of transitions
  7. Graphics tools – Basic effects overview
  8. How to export a finished video


Wednesday, May 13th, 10 AM – 12 PM




We will host the online workshop via Zoom. When you have registered for the class, we will send you a link and password to the meeting. Please make sure your computer, tablet, or phone meets Zoom Meeting requirements. Here is a video on how to use Zoom. 

Accessories to help with learning Premiere Pro:


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