Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

At MetroEast, we offer workshops that will give you the skills to share your message with your community.  Our goal is to provide you with the training that will help you get started in communicating using media technology. 

$25 for an All Class Pass!

Become a Producer!

Have a great idea for a show?  Here’s what we recommend: 

Step One – Sign up and take our free orientation.  During the orientation, you’ll gain a better understanding of how we operate and which classes you’ll need to take.

large crew working on a panel discussion show in Studio A


1:  one that stings,specifically:  a sharp blow or remark

2:  a sharp organ (as of a bee, scorpion, or stingray) that is usually connected with a poison gland or otherwise adapted to wound by piercing and injecting a poisonwasp stinger

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The C47 or Clothespin Urban Myth


A C47 or Clothespin is a very useful item for attaching gel to a light.  But there are numerous back-stories to the origination of the C47 as it refers to a clothespin.

#2 wood clamp or clothespin

So here are a few of the most likely urban legends. 

By some accounts C47 is the patent number for a clothespin.

Others would have you believe it was the original Acme catalog number.

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