Sisyphean Effort in Spelunking

Recently we started seeing a handful of users who couldn’t save projects.  Thankfully this would become evident fairly early in making updates.  We scratched our heads, looked in the logs and tried to correlate events.  At times, we thought we had found the culprit.  And several times over, we learned how dark the caves can be.  Folks were being sent home, and concern was rising.

Mac IT 2015 (part 2)

Mac IT 2015 - Part 2

One of my favorite talks of the day was given by Facebook Engineers (Software & Security.)  They've been working on a set of open source tools that allow admins to query the operating system for various things of interest.

Mac IT 2015

Mac IT 2015.

Monday night.
The tables are up.  Signs around.  Apps-a-dinging.
Looking at learning more about managing Mac OS and iOS.

Time for sleep.


Storage Area Network

In short, a special network for storage data.  Sure there's better definitions, but I'm not looking to describe it beyond the tease, that it's almost here.  We are moving away from that single hard disk drive on the desk that gets yanked by the power cable onto the floor taking all your work with it...  to a centrally managed pool of hard drives where your data is protected in redundancy.

It will be small to start, with user quotas being smaller than a Terra Byte.  But the bandwidth difference will be enormous.

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New desks for the edit rooms!!

Getting ready for Spring!  John and David built new desks today, for the edit systems.  You may notice a new iMac in the picture.  We have to give props to Antrho, nice packaging; good directions.  Rain (turntable mount) gets a fail for not providing a mounting template, no directions; although fairly straight forward.


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MacIT day 2

Day 2 is done.  Your IT monkey is swinging a bit slower today, but still swinging.

Started the day by enjoying an on-stage interview of Fred Armisen.  The chat ranged from music appreciation, "Listen to the album" and hear the whole story.  They touched on his experience as a musician, an actor and comedic performer.  Riffed a bit on the process.

There was a good bit about SNL and Portlandia, with some great example sketches from the latter; that highlight the obsession with iDevices and social media.  Love that show.

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MacIT day 1

Your intrepid IT guru has taken a trip South to the MacIT conference...  Looking at ways to improve my workflow and open more time to do more things.

On the list today:

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