Exciting News!

Exciting news! Our website is moving to a new home in the next few days.

To help with the move, we are packing things into virtual boxes. You shouldn't notice the boxes, but if you do trip over one, please let us know at boxes@metroeast.org.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to our new home really soon!


Contact Us

With general questions and comments, please call (503) 667-8848.

Department extensions

Workshop Registration x350
Equipment Room x307
Programming & Community Bulletin Board x332
Volunteer Services x326
Community Relations  x335

For Community Hotline please contact Monica x335 or Emily x329

Mailing Address

MetroEast Community Media
829 NE 8th Street
Gresham, OR 97030

For directions and a map to our facility, click here.

Reach Staff

Call (503) 667-8848 plus an extension found below      


Marina Aguero — Executive Assistant                                                                                                                          Ext. 300 — marina@metroeast.org

Loren Coulter — Training and Programming Coordinator
Ext. 314 — loren@metroeast.org

Aaron Edwards — Traffic & Playback Director
Ext. 332 — aaron@metroeast.org

David Elkin-Bram — Director of IT
Ext. 327 — david@metroeast.org

Tony Evans — Producer                                                                                                                                              Ext. 311 — tony@metroeast.org

Jamie Groce — Technical Manager
Ext. 301 — jamie@metroeast.org

Serra Hadsell — Designer/Producer 
Ext. 317 — serra@metroeast.org

Atziri Hannon — Marketing Manager                                                                                                                            Ext. 300 — atziri@metroeast.org

Ivana Horvat — Digital Media Producer                                                                                                                      Ext. 328 — ivana@metroeast.org

Martin Jones — Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 318 — martin@metroeast.org
Andrew Keating — IT Manager
Ext. 327 — andrew@metroeast.org

John Lugton — Production Services                                                                                                                           Ext. 315 — john@metroeast.org

Seth Ring — Director of Volunteer Services and Education
Ext. 312 — seth@metroeast.org

Mike Shur— Director of Finance
Ext. 330 — mike.shur@metroeast.org

Keith Thomas — Producer
Ext. 331 — keith@metroeast.org

Emily Vidal — Producer
Ext. 329 — emily@metroeast.org

Monica Weitzel — Director of Community Relations
Ext. 335 — monica@metroeast.org