Exciting News!

Exciting news! Our website is moving to a new home in the next few days.

To help with the move, we are packing things into virtual boxes. You shouldn't notice the boxes, but if you do trip over one, please let us know at boxes@metroeast.org.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to our new home really soon!

Meet Mike Shur

mike shur
I was raised in Queens, the largest of NYC’s five boroughs, and grew up in melting pot of cultures, immersed in countless languages and perspectives. Being avid outdoor enthusiasts, my wife and I relocated to the Portland area, settling in Gresham in 2012. My background is in strategy, finance & accounting, operations and entrepreneurial ventures. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology, located in western NY state, I moved back to NYC where I worked in corporate finance until making the move to the beautiful PNW. Gresham seemed like the perfect spot equidistant from downtown and the mountains, giving us plenty of access combined with awesome quality of life. I enjoy writing, hiking, adventure travel, ethnic foods, and cats. I have three lovable cats who make my day, every day.
With a rich 33-year history, I’m really excited to be a part of the talented MetroEast team and contribute to our next chapter together.