Exciting News!

Exciting news! Our website is moving to a new home in the next few days.

To help with the move, we are packing things into virtual boxes. You shouldn't notice the boxes, but if you do trip over one, please let us know at boxes@metroeast.org.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to our new home really soon!

How to Submit Your Show

The final step in creating your video is sharing it with the community by submitting it for play on local cable TV channels. The MetroEast Playback Department is responsible for scheduling programs to play on 6 channels on Comcast Cable and Frontier FiOs Cable. 

How To submit a SINGLE Program:

Your programs may be one-time, single programs of almost any length. For more information about how to submit a single show, check out "Single Program Replays". If you're looking for the online single submission form, click here!

How to submit a SERIES Program:

You can also decide to produce a "Series Program", with new episodes aired once per month, every 2 weeks, or even weekly. Series forms will be accapted once a quarter. Said forms will be available online primarily. Paper forms will only be available upon request. For more information about becoming a series producer, visit "Submitting a Series".

Or for any questions regarding playback issues, call 503-667-8848 ext. 332