How to share your YouTube video on Facebook

How to share your YouTube video on social media, email, and on your website

Find your video.
Visit YouTube and locate your video. Click on it to open up it's page.


Share it. There are several sharing options built into YouTube including sharing your video through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-mail, and your own website.

  • Click the Share button located under the right corner of the video.

  • The area below Share will expand with more options.
  • Select "Share", "Embed", or "*Email" from the tabs across the top.

  • That's all there is to it! Now you can share your video through facebook, email, or any other destination you have in mind. Wasn't that easy?


*Remember: If you would like to embed it in your website you may need to get the help of your webmaster to make that happen. We suggest you copy the code that comes up and send it to your webmaster in an email with your request.