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Engineer Outlives Usefulness (Part Deux)

Joe Knox

Back in 1993, my first boss Rick Ray issued a memo titled “Engineer Outlives Usefulness” to announce his leaving MetroEast (then, Multnomah Community Television). Since that time there have been many, many changes around here — people have come and gone, a new building, a new name, and so many technical changes! What used to be a constant need for maintenance and repair, keeping me busy, has trickled down to almost nothing. And there are more changes to come.

Thus, it is now my turn to issue a memo. I will turn 62 on 13 March. After a fair amount of consideration, and with the blessing of my wife Rosemary, I have decided to call it a career after nearly 32 years at MetroEast (nearly 29 as an employee) and retire effective 31 March 2017.