Exciting News!

Exciting news! Our website is moving to a new home in the next few days.

To help with the move, we are packing things into virtual boxes. You shouldn't notice the boxes, but if you do trip over one, please let us know at boxes@metroeast.org.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to our new home really soon!

Check Out Gear Now


Now you’re ready to check out gear – let’s do a quick check-list:

  • Attended orientation
  • Completed and paid for the workshop ($25 aka ALL CLASS PASS)
  • Completed the workshop for the gear you’d like to check-out.
  • Filled out a Producer Info form
  • Paid your Activity Fee ($50) or volunteered off your activity fee

Check mark next to all of those?  You're ready to check out some gear.

How do I check out gear, you might ask?

The Equipment Room is open Thursday, Friday, and Monday from 2-10 as well as Saturday from 9-10 and Sunday From 11-6.

To reserve gear call 503-667-8848 x307
Or just come in and set up your reservation in person anytime we're open!

We do give priority to reservations, so last-minute checkout requests can't always be fulfilled.

Just want to see what we've got? 
Oggle our gear.