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mike shur

The new Director of Finance at MetroEast lays it down.

Rockwood DIY Computer Class

Community. Computers. Mice. Behold the magic at Rockwood DIY. Photo by Rayawnie Paris  

jonathan reiterman

Please meet the fabulous, never cantankerous and always generous, Jonathan Reiterman.

j. benjimin peters

Please meet J. Benjimin Peters, our new intern from Mount Hood Community College’s Integrated Media Program. His favorite movie is Valley Girl and his favorite food is hot dogs.

Black History Month

CEO Marty Jones on Black History Month

 January 20th may have seemed like just another day to most people. But for MetroEast Community Media staff, it was the last day we had the pleasure of working with Sandy Montgomery, our long-time comptroller who retired.

cal and latino network basketball

Center fo Advanced Learning, Latino Network and MetroEast cavort/conspire on high school basketball.

Best of the Northwest

Best of the Northwest film festival and Alliance for Community Media Summit (NW) comes to Portland. Check out the deets.