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Benjamin Knocks it Out of the Park

If you've volunteered at MetroEast within the last 2 and half years, than you've probably run into our newest volunteer producer, Benjamin. Benjamin has played key roles on staff productions like Music Mondays and on community produced productions like Paranormal Crossings. A couple of months ago, Benjamin decided to take a shot at producing a show of his own!

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Meet Archie!

Producer Archie Washington has been a tried and true volunteer at MetroEast Community Media for over 5 years and was named as the MetroEast Rookie of the Year in 2008.  Archie's Part-Time Playhouse brings the live stage to the small screen through its dynamic and often thought proving showcase of material from some of Oregon's local playwrights and actors.

Hire Us to Create Your Production

Many non-profit organizations and government agencies need videos for a multitude of purposes.  You may need a 30-minute educational video or a 30 second public service announcement.  At MetroEast we collaborate with you through all phases of production and distribution.  We prode ourselves on our personalized approach.

With years of experience in professional video production and a well-founded knowledge of the needs and concerns of non-profits and government agencies - MetroEast is an excellent professional and cost-effective choice for all your production needs.

The result, a powerful piece that will connect you, with your community. 

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